Mike Miesch

April 1 1987

Age 33, Houston, AIDS


Listen to "Why did you leave me" - Written & read by Hitaji Aziz


Excerpt from KPFT show Wilde N Stein, 11/23/92, with Ray Hill and Jack Valinski (5:35):

Ray talks about Mike Miesch, who started around 82. He had volunteered in the late 70s and then
got interested in the faery movement and disappeared for a couple years, came back in 82.
Jack was already on board for a few months by that time. Ray made a conscious decision
to let mike run the show while he was getting sicker, so the listeners could understand the
illness. Art Tomashevski was another volunteer who was sick, and died of AIDS.

Excerpt from Wilde N Stein, 7/18/85, Mike Miesch reads poet Judy Grahn (3:23):

Mike reads from…."another mother tongue…gay words, gay worlds" by Judy Grahn, page 80,
talks about high school prejudices against queers, for example, if you wear green on
Thursday you are gay. So these were essentially warnings of how to act to be accepted.

JD Doyle comments: I never knew Mike but have listened to many hours of him on Wilde N Stein
shows, and feel like we would have been kindred spirits. I much admire his knack for honoring
our culture, especially that of gay and lesbian musicians, giving a lot of exposure to the music you
could hear nowhere else.

above & below, from 1979 Gay Pride Parade

Below, mentioned in this poignant Chronicle article