CJ Harrington

September 8 2018

Age 72, Houston

CJ Harrington, resident of Houston, was born September 22, 1945, and died of cancer on September 8, 2018, age 72. He is survived by brother Larry Harrington and sister Charlotte Lange. CJ was a prominent leader in our community and brought Houston national attention through a successful modeling career that put him in major national publications along with travelling around the country. He was the cover model for "David" Magazine on the September 1973 edition, and they did a photo spread of him in the November 1973 issue.

Later, he formed "Muscles In Action," a company that supplied male dancers to various entertainment venues and special events in our community. Local venues such as Eagle Houston, JR's Bar & Grill, South Beach, Meteor, The Montrose Mining Company and their clientele enjoyed his professional services. During the heyday, CJ grew his company to such an extent that he supplied dancer talent to bars and events in Galveston, Austin, Dallas and even New Orleans. He was also well known for sponsoring Christmas in July fundraisers for many years.

His gentle nature and congenial personality made him impossible not to like. You would always see him checking on his dancers as they interacted with customers while sipping on a bottle of water. Offering our community the best was a distinct passion of his. We will always carry his memory in our hearts. (from Mark DeLange)

Above & below, with Tiffany Jones

Below, winning Mr David

David photo spread, November 1973

Below, his dance troup, Muscles in Action, early 1990s

It's a bit wrinkled, but here is the program for his service