Brian Douglas Bradley

November 5 1995

Age 34, Houston, AIDS

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partner: Irvin "Josh" Fox

ACT-UP, Queer Nation, Grand Marshal,
Super Activist

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Radio Features

from Lesbian & Gay Voices, KPFT, Houston

6/4/93, 18 minutes
Deborah Bell, with Jack Valinski, intros Brian Bradley,
who talks about the Paul Broussard case, and Q-Patrol.


Brian appeared often on Lesbian & Gay Voices,
and for a while did a segment with Suzanne Anderson
called "Speaking Out." Here are two of those segments
3/04/94, 12 minutes, Download
3/18/94, 10 minutes, Download


11/10/95 Brian Bradley Tribute

Suzanne Anderson hosts a panel of guests on Brian Bradley
1:00 Scott Lewis
5:20 Allen Snyder (Alan?)
7:20 Frank Parsley
9:45 David Embry
13:00 Rick (last name?)
15:00 Suzanne comments
From this point they all would chime in, without identifying the speakers
19:00 description of his illness
21:00 Allen Snyder
23:00 Suzanne sets up the playing of an interview she did with Brian's mother,
Jeanne Bradley, from 1993, with Brian at the end of the interview
35:30 Brian Bradley comments after his mother was interviewed
39:20 call-in, Joyce Girsh (sp?), about David Duke protest, Bradley's funeral
42:00 Suzanne comments about Bill White's death, 11/8/95
43:00 Scott Lewis about Brian's friendship with Elyse (Lanier?)
44:30 song, "We Shall Not Give Up the Fight" (Lesbian & Gay Chorus of Washington DC)
46:00 Suzanne & Scott tell about Brian on Oprah, and when it came
out on the show that Brian was HIV+ both his mother and her
sister were fired from their jobs in a restaurant (in Louisiana)
49:00 Allen Snyder
50:00 David Embry, about PISD (People with Immune System Disorders)
and passing out condoms at Lanier High School
52:30 Suzanne, about Brian's feminism
54:30 music: Boy George - Same Thing in Reverse
55:43 end


L&GV: 10/28/94, 12 min, Election Update on the Caucus by members Brian Bradley,
Terri Richardson and Keith Stewart. Interview by Deborah Bell. LISTEN

Brian Bradley, 2/21/92, protesting at David Duke Rally in League City,
photo by David Einsel, Houston Chronicle

T-shirt is from the PISD Caucus of ACT UP San Francisco