Kim Devon Spradling

March 1, 1991

Age 37, Houston


photos by JD Doyle, 1984

By JD Doyle: Kim and I met when we both lived at Richmont Square, and were together from around 1983-84, but we stayed friends and I was one of his care visitors. Due to my influence he became a record collector and became obsessed with Connie Francis recordings, and in our short time together amassed an excellent collection, with many rarities. "Among My Souvenirs" was played at his funeral service. As his mother would have no idea how to sell them I took that over, and got her a couple thousand dollars she would not have had. I remember only meeting her a couple times....it was awkward, we went to dinner at her house, but like, who was I, that he was gay and I may have been his partner was NOT discussed, so it was an elephant in the room. She treated me nicely though....I repaid that by selling his collection for her.