Randy Ruhlman

August 19 1987

Age 31, Houston, AIDS


partner: Chris Olsen

Above left, Ruthman at a Diana Awards event

more examples of Ruhlman's distinctive art

Information submitted by Laurie Croxson:

I was a wide-eyed small town girl when I moved to Houston in 1983 and began working at Point Communications, an ad agency where Randy officed. He was sweet, kind and made me feel like family in a city where I had none. One year the agency had us draw names for Christmas presents, with a $10 limit. Randy gave me a small brass hourglass and when I opened it said, “I’m giving you time – you never seem to have enough time.” Ironic, isn’t it? That hourglass has remained on my desk for 35 years, along with my memories of Randy. So greatly missed, but your project made me smile even though I cried while reading about him.

Names Quilt

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