Brian Douglas Bradley

November 5 1995

Age 34, Houston, AIDS

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partner: Irvin "Josh" Fox

ACT-UP, Queer Nation, Grand Marshal,
Super Activist

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above photo by David Embry

Radio Features

from Lesbian & Gay Voices, KPFT, Houston

6/4/93, 18 minutes
Deborah Bell, with Jack Valinski, intros Brian Bradley,
who talks about the Paul Broussard case, and Q-Patrol.


Brian appeared often on Lesbian & Gay Voices,
and for a while did a segment with Suzanne Anderson
called "Speaking Out." Here are two of those segments
3/04/94, 12 minutes, Download
3/18/94, 10 minutes, Download


11/10/95 Brian Bradley Tribute

Suzanne Anderson hosts a panel of guests on Brian Bradley
1:00 Scott Lewis
5:20 Allen Snyder (Alan?)
7:20 Frank Parsley
9:45 David Embry
13:00 Rick (last name?)
15:00 Suzanne comments
From this point they all would chime in, without identifying the speakers
19:00 description of his illness
21:00 Allen Snyder
23:00 Suzanne sets up the playing of an interview she did with Brian's mother,
Jeanne Bradley, from 1993, with Brian at the end of the interview
35:30 Brian Bradley comments after his mother was interviewed
39:20 call-in, Joyce Girsh (sp?), about David Duke protest, Bradley's funeral
42:00 Suzanne comments about Bill White's death, 11/8/95
43:00 Scott Lewis about Brian's friendship with Elyse (Lanier?)
44:30 song, "We Shall Not Give Up the Fight" (Lesbian & Gay Chorus of Washington DC)
46:00 Suzanne & Scott tell about Brian on Oprah, and when it came
out on the show that Brian was HIV+ both his mother and her
sister were fired from their jobs in a restaurant (in Louisiana)
49:00 Allen Snyder
50:00 David Embry, about PISD (People with Immune System Disorders)
and passing out condoms at Lanier High School
52:30 Suzanne, about Brian's feminism
54:30 music: Boy George - Same Thing in Reverse
55:43 end

Breakthrough, KPFT, 8/10/91, Activist Brian Bradley is guest, discusses current AIDS
controversies, including his removal from his job as a scrub nurse. Hosts Suzanne
Anderson and Linda Marshal. 50 min. LISTEN


L&GV: 10/28/94, 12 min, Election Update on the Caucus by members Brian Bradley,
Terri Richardson and Keith Stewart. Interview by Deborah Bell. LISTEN


As described above, this was an After Hours salute to Brian Bradley, with
Sarah DePalma, Scott Lewis, Sharon Stone, Sarah Guterrez and Jimmy Carper.
Included are sound clips with Brian. 62 minutes

Brian Bradley, 2/21/92, protesting at David Duke Rally in League City,
photo by David Einsel, Houston Chronicle

T-shirt is from the PISD Caucus of ACT UP San Francisco

October 1991. AIDS Activists Brian Bradley and Diane Williams Shaw
and Michael Crawford
and others handed out over 1000 condoms outside of a Lamar-Madison
high school football game, and are escorted to another area. Diane's sign says "Prevent AIDS Use Condoms"