Scott Swoveland

December 8, 2023

Age 62, Born 4/21/61. Houston, Indianapolis

The article does not include that Scott moved to Indianapolis around 1999,
and for the last few years he suffered from kidney disease. Thanks to
his cousin Bob Crawford in Kentucky for background information.

Below, Scott told me this was the first of his drawings commissioned for an ad,
for the Midtown Spa, May 1985

Below, a larger version of what is probably his masterwork,
commissioned for the opening of the Phoenix Room of The Eagle,
by Mark DeLange, owner of the club. 2016
The next article shows the 1997 original.

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Above, Scott, Rita Charles, and Will Johnson aka Wilma
Below, Scott as Ruby Barbeaux, Brucella DuValle, and Rita Char
Below that, Scott on Mary's Rooftop, workin' it

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And, he did the cover of my book, and I was delighted.
at left is the full drawing and then the cropped teasing version