Jack S Whitlow

December 21 2015

Age 79, Norfolk

I am bending my "rules" for this website entry, as Jack Whitlow
was a friend of mine from when I lived in Norfolk. He lived
in Norfolk for many decades after he left Texas. But he
was Texas born, raised and educated, and began his career in Texas.
And, also...this is special to me...I get to present a gallery of his work,
my own tribute to him. I am fortunate to own about a dozen pieces
myself, and I scoured the internet to present as much as I could find.

Click for Whitlow Gallery

Personal Photos


Fred Osgood, Jack Whitlow, Bill Davis, 1977
Below, date unknown, and at a Ghent Arts Festival, 1983


Jack's booth at the Festival



Above, at my farewell party before moving to Houston, September 1981

Above and below, 1993, above with Joe Amos

Below, from Jack's website